Fundraising made EASY!

I am a charity, how can someone fundraise for us?

We love working with charities and can provide you with a new and innovative way to engage your supporters. You can promote discoDtours to both individual and corporates as a great way to support your charity. We can assist you with a marketing pack to get the word out there.

All your supporters need to do is book a custom tour with us and choose a ticket price. We kick off the fundraising by donating $5 to you - and you retain any proceeds above $35 per head.

That means that if your ticket price is set at $75 and you have 20 people discoDtour’ing, this will raise $700 for your charity in one hour! It doesn’t end there, via our partnership with Givematcher, participants can raise even more money by getting people to sponser their dance. Contact us to find out more!

How can I fundraise for my favourite charity?

With discoDtours you can raise money for any non-profit that has a DGR (Deductible Gift Registry Status) this includes many schools and sporting clubs. You will just need to check with our partner that your charity is registered and if not it is easy to register them.

Once this is complete just grab 10 friends and contact us to set up your own custom tour at a date and time that suits you. You choose the ticket price with all proceeds above $35 going to your charity. We will email you a link for payment so all individuals can pay for their tour separately. Once a booking is confirmed you will receive your own fundraising page on Givematcher should you wish to raise further sponsored funds to dance.

How do I know my charity receives the money ?

100% of funds raised from each booking will be electronically transferred each month via our processing platform in Givematcher. We will provide tour organisers details of the transfers. Any additional funds raised via Givematcher sponsorship will be processed as per Givematchers normal terms.